Annual Global Conference 2024

25 June 2024
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Welcome to Media Law International’s
Fourth Annual Global Conference, the AGC4

Media Law International is hosting its fourth Annual Global Conference, bringing together brilliant minds, sharing expertise and insight into one of the world’s most dynamic industries.

This rapidly growing event brings together legal experts and senior decision-makers from around the world. The AGC4 will provide the opportunity to listen to thought-leadership sessions, build relationships with your peers and engage with an audience of CEOs, founders and investors. Our audience also includes in-house GCs and senior lawyers with commercial and legal solutions specifically designed to support the media industry.

Delegates will hear from global leaders and connect with senior industry figures. The event theme is Digital Content, Press and Entertainment given the increasingly significant role each segment in the industry. The conference uses a sophisticated platform for sponsors and speakers, providing delegates with the option to watch sessions live or on-demand for up to 30 days after the event day. The AGC4 platform offers an immersive 3D experience, with virtual hall, lobby and auditorium access for all delegates.

About Media Law International

Media Law International (MLI) is an independent publishing business producing legal rankings across 60 jurisdictions, an expanding, as well as thought leadership. We deliver detailed rankings of law firms and insight into the world’s leaders in media law practice.

MLI is dedicated to the legal industry and an exclusive focus on media law. Our comprehensive research programme involves in-depth analysis of law-firm capabilities, market presence and sector specialisation.

The MLI team has worked rigorously over the past decade to ensure the highest standards in research and rankings production. Our expansive, qualitative research allows us to fully examine each market under review. MLI identifies leading firms and individuals based on depth of expertise and complexity of work, presenting firms to a global media audience.

In addition to the annual global guide, MLI produces a series of resources for law firms and media companies, including a quarterly e-Zine and on-demand Legal Practice Guides.

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  • Hear from global leaders on the latest media law developments worldwide
  • Connect with GCs, CEOs, partners, lawyers and other senior industry figures from media companies around the world
  • No travel required - enjoy this event while working from home
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Conference Agenda (all times in BST)

Press Law and Regulation

09:30 - 10:30 (BST)

How the media market is coping with the regulatory storm

Kinga Incze, Founder of (Hungary, UK)
Hamish Sandison; dual-qualified lawyer; chairman of Mediaspace (UK)
Dr Levente Nyakas, Head of Institute of Institute for Media Studies, National Media and Infocommunications Authority (Hungary)
Idit Arad, General Counsel at Rakuten Viber (UK)

This year is likely to be a record year in terms of the regulatory effects that media and marketing leaders need to cope with, while economic challenges still shape market reality. Our professionally diverse panel members will discuss challenges and opportunities in 2024, in preparation for 2025.

10:40 - 11:40 (BST)

Cutting-edge current issues in the UK media law landscape 

Gill Philips, Director of Editorial Legal Services, The Guardian (UK)
Dominic C Harrison, Head Lawyer, Programme Compliance, Channel 4 (UK)
David Attfield, Head of Programme Legal Advice, the BBC (UK)
Adam Cannon, Director of Legal, The Sun (UK)

This session will look at some of the cutting-edge current issues in the free speech arena - including around data protection, open justice and defamation as they affect the UK media landscape. It will offer insights and expertise from four in-house media law experts across the publishing spectrum, looking at recent case law and other developments. It will discuss the impact Artificial Intelligence may have for publishing, as well as considering the implications for freedom of expression in the UK arising from the National Security Act and anticipated developments around data protection regulation and Slapp lawsuits. 

11:50 - 12:40 (BST)

Online safety regulation - Challenges in Ireland, Australia, the US and beyond

Karyn Harty, Head of Litigation, Dentons (Ireland)
Lesley Caplin, Of Counsel, Dentons (Ireland)
Stephanie Abrutyn, Counsel,  Dentons (US)
Sylvia Alcarraz, Managing Associate, Dentons (Australia)

Online safety has never been more topical, with regulators and providers across the globe working to adapt to a stream of new laws. Join us for an engaging discussion on the approach that Ireland, the US and Australia are taking, difficulties encountered and the marked contrast with the traditional approach to broadcasting regulation.

12:40 -13:40 (BST)

Lunch Break

Digital Content and Advertising

13:40 - 14:10 (BST)

HR AI: What your clients need to know when humans aren’t doing the hiring

Muzzamel Mazidee, General Manager, UIB (Singapore)
Ricardo Altamirano, Co-Founder, KlayBot (Mexico)

The bot is out of the barn!

Companies of all sizes are using the latest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies - including conversational AI, generative AI (a.k.a., LLMs, transformer models, etc.), Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG), and bot-to-bot communications - to work alongside their human colleagues to recruit, interview, onboard, train, and certify job candidates at scale.

In this fun, fast-paced 30-minute session (ending with a live demo of the HR and candidate's experiences!), UIB General Manager Muzzamel Mazidee and KlayBot Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer Ricardo Altamirano will cover the top legal considerations when your clients begin using AI in their hiring processes.

14:20 - 14:50 (BST)

What your clients need to know when they start using AI: The top legal and ethical issues

Ken Herron, Chief Marketing Officer, Strolid, Inc (US)
Jonathan S. Marashlian, Managing Partner, Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC- The CommLaw Group  (US)

With the release of OpenAI’s GPT-4o and the proliferation of many other LLMs and Generative AI applications, every company will soon be an AI company – in ways big and small. Organizations worldwide are incorporating AI into their operations. Even small businesses in a multitude of verticals are exploring use cases. But the laws, regulations, public policies, and even ethical guardrails aren’t where they need to be to ensure your company’s AI adoption is carefully planned and future-proofed. The legal precedents aren’t there, begging the question: What are your clients’ risk tolerance, and what can they [afford to] spend to protect themselves?

In this fun, fast-paced 30-minute session, global sales services and technology company Strolid Chief Marketing Officer Ken Herron and Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC, The CommLaw Group’s Managing Partner Jonathan S. Marashlian will talk about doing your homework, paying attention to critical issues like privacy, expanding your awareness of legal developments beyond your own country’s borders, and getting comfortable with “risk management.” When it comes to AI, size does matter! The bigger the bullseye, the greater the AI opportunity, but the harder the fall.

Absent a gold standard for “AI compliance,” Ken and Jonathan will show you how to achieve a healthy balance of risk v. reward given each client’s financial resources and revenue-generating opportunities.

15:00 - 15:40 (BST)

The New Frontier: The use of AI in the audiovisual content ecosystem

Xavier Careaga, Counsel, Galicia Law Firm (Mexico)
Ana Cecilia Giorgana, Corporate Counsel, Google (Mexico)
Raúl Campos, Director, Writer and Co-CEO, The Original Content Society, (Mexico)
Felix de Valdivia, Director, Writer and Co-CEO, The Original Content Society (Mexico)

Generative AI is disrupting many markets, and the audiovisual content market is at the forefront of this movement. From deceased actors reappearing in movies and old-time singers releasing new albums, despite losing their voice years ago, to unimaginable effects and even the creation of breathtaking scripts and trainers. AI is revolutionizing the industry. But the borderline of what is permissible to what should be prohibited is still very much blurred. Many market participants are worried about misuse, abuse and job security. Is this a case of free speech and free enterprise? What about IP privacy and other fundamental rights? Should we allow its use or limit it? These are the answers the market needs. Join our session and, together, we can get closer to them.

15:50 - 16:50 (BST)

Understanding legal-industry coverage, rankings and submissions: How to achieve successful outcomes

Alex Holtum, Director, International Law Firm Solutions - ILFS (UK)

This session will provide an overview of all aspects of directory rankings and the submission process, including how to achieve an effective and efficient submissions strategy.  The session will also outline marketing and business development aspects relating to submissions, such as:

o   Why do they matter?

o   Should I submit?

o   Directory Submission Dos and Don'ts

o   Individual Rankings

o   Referees

o   Work Highlights

o   Benchmarking your practice

o   A changing landscape

o   Questions

Meet our


Gill Philips

Director of Editorial Legal Services,

The Guardian

David Attfield

Head of Programme Legal Advice,


Adam Cannon

Director of Legal,

The Sun

Dominic Harrison

Head Lawyer, Programme Compliance,

Channel 4

Karyn Harty

Head of Litigation,


Lesley Caplin


Kinga Incze


MediaSpace & Whitereport

Hamish Sandison



Ken Herron

Chief Marketing Officer,

Strolid, Inc (US)

Xavier Careaga


Galicia Law firm

Ricardo Altamirano



Muzzamel Mazidee

General Manager,


Alex Holtum


International Law Firm Solutions (ILFS)

Stephanie Abrutyn

Dentons (US)

Sylvia Alcarraz

Dentons (US)

Dr Levente Nyakas

Head of Institute for Media Studies,

National Media and Infocommunications Authority (Hungary)

Idit Arad

General Counsel,

Rakuten Viber (UK)

Jonathan S. Marashlian

Managing Partner,

Marashlian & Donahue, PLLC

Ana Cecilia Giorgana

Corporate Counsel,

Google (Mexico)

Raúl Campos

Director, Writer and Co-CEO,

The Original Content Society, (Mexico)

Felix de Valdivia

Director, Writer and Co-CEO,

The Original Content Society (Mexico)

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